IRISA is an Alternative Rock band born in mid 2012 in Córdoba, Argentina. Their musical style is characterized by the use of many different sound textures and the fusion of diverse musical genres. The presence of synths, coral and string arrangements coexists with the conventional rock instruments, like electric guitars.

Its name derives from the verb 'Irisar'€™, which is Spanish for iridesce, and means '€œto reflect the rainbow colors€'. Based on its name, IRISA could be defined as a multifaceted band, whose objective is generating diverse emotions in the listener.

The band's current lineup consists in six members: Juan Cruz Pauletti, Migue Mubarqui, Juan Freidenberger, Camila Bartolomé, Emiliano Pelliccioni y Juanjo Arce.

In the beginning, the band was born when Juan Freidenberger y Juanjo Arce, high school colleagues, shared the mutual interest in starting a musical project. The band'€™s first lineup consisted on Juan Freidenberger, Camila Bartolomé, Juanjo Arce and Alejandro Arce. During IRISA's first year, they released covers and a few tracks of their own authorship, such as €˜Elefantes y Castillos and Humedad.

In mid 2013 the band went through a lapse of inactivity, returning to action in the beginning of 2014. In this new period, initiated by the launch of the Singles '€˜Void' and €'Storm'€, Emiliano Pellicioni was incorporated to the band.

By the end of 2014 IRISA started the recording of their first album, Alpha, which was released on April 10th 2015 through diverse digital stores and streaming services.

On May of 2015 Migue Mubarqui and Juan Cruz Pauletti were incorporated, completing the actual lineup.

Nowadays the band is focused on live gigs and the promotion of their material.